how to subtract cells from different sheets with the same id?

In my sheet A I have an ID and a Modify column just like sheet B.
I want to subtract the Modify of sheet B with the one of sheet A that have the same ID.

can you help me with a formula?

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  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers
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    You can use a cross-sheet formula to pull in the modify value from the other sheet, then subtract them.

    Assuming you want to calculate Sheet A Modify - Sheet B Modify, you could create the following on Sheet B:

    The Sheet A column formula is:

    =INDEX({test - Sheet A - Modify}, MATCH(ID@row, {test - Sheet A - ID}, 0))

    In narrative form, we're telling Smartsheet to pull the Sheet A Modify value from the Sheet A row that has an ID matching the ID of this row on Sheet B.


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