Center and middle justify summary fields in a report


I have created a summary field in my Smartsheet that is a formula:

Overdue Tasks =COUNTIFS(Status:Status, <>"Complete", Status:Status, <>"Canceled", Finish:Finish, <TODAY())

Works just great! Returns a number that I would expect.

The challenge is that when I create a row summary report that references the field Overdue Tasks, it pulls in the number (great!) but it's right justified and looks unpolished. Similarly, I have summary fields that are symbols which also get pulled into the report, and those are centered, but top justified, which also looks unpolished.

Is there a way to pull in summary fields and be able to both center and middle justify them? Thank you in advance for the guidance!


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Unfortunately that is not possible at this time, but that does sound like an awesome idea.

    Feel free to browse through the Ideas topic to see if someone has already submitted that enhancement request. If it has been submitted, you can add your vote to it. If it has not, then you can submit it yourself and allow others to vote on it.

    Either way, feel free to drop a link to the enhancement request in here (then mark it as the "accepted answer") so that others searching for the same thing can easily vote on it.