Count PM name + % completed based on 20%, 50% and 90%

I tried using the below formular but was not able to get the output.

=COUNTIFS(PM:PM, "Cameron Kang", [% Complete]:[% Complete], "20%;50%;90%")


  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    @darlington.fernandes can you explain further what you are trying to do? It seems like you are trying to get 3 different data points into one cell.

    are you trying to count number of projects greater than 20%, then number of projects greater than 50%, and then number of projects greater than 90%?

    if you want all that in one cell you need something like

    =">20%" + COUNTIFS(PM:PM, "Cameron Kang", [% Complete]:[% Complete],>0.2) + " >50%: "+ COUNTIFS(PM:PM, "Cameron Kang", [% Complete]:[% Complete], >0.5)

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