What formulae touse to get the count of status of A In Progress/Not Started and the same for B


  • COUNTIFS({ADSP Reliability Engineering Goals Range 2}, [AdPT SVP]1, {ADSP Reliability Engineering Goals Range 3},=Not Started)

    This is what i was trying to use

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Pritam Roy Chowdhury

    You're close! Any time you're searching for text, such as Not Started, you'll need to wrap it in quotes: "Not Started".

    Try something like this:

    = COUNTIFS({ADSP Reliability Engineering Goals Range 2}, [AdPT SVP]@row, {ADSP Reliability Engineering Goals Range 3}, "Not Started")


    • {Range 2} is looking at the Goal Hierarchy column
    • [AdPT SVP]@row is the cell in the current row that identifies either "A", or "B", etc
    • {Range 3} is looking at the Status column
    • "Not Started" or "In Progress" are the values you're searching for

    See: Create and Edit Formulas in Smartsheet



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