Altering logic based on previous answers

Christian Ong
Christian Ong ✭✭
edited 01/19/23 in Smartsheet Basics

For my sheet, I currently have the following columns: "Change Reason," "Data Change," and a bunch of info collecting columns like "Department," "Manager," "Salary," etc...

I created a form so that the only thing initially seen is "Change Reason," and based on option chosen, different input would come up. For example, if "Promotion" is chosen for "Change Reason," then "Manager" and "Salary" would come up. If "Status Change" is chosen, then the dropdown option "Data Change" would show up with options like "Department," "Manager," "Salary," "Title," etc. Based on what is chosen, additional fields come up (if "Department" is chosen, then "Current Department" and "New Department" shows up) as well as showing up on Data Change.

I would like to know if it's possible so that if "Batch Change" is chosen for "Change Reason," none of the other follow up questions would come up, but only for "Batch Change." So if I were to choose "Batch Change" for "Change Reason," "Data Change" would show up and options can be selected, but nothing else would show up (only for "Batch Change," if "Department" is chosen, "Current Department" and "New Department" won't show up)

Asking if there's a way to alter logic for specific questions if a specific answer is chosen prior to the logic.

Glad to hop on a call or discuss further to see if we can find a solution!