Do the automation 'rules' stop once one of them has been actioned? I have a sheet which emails employees whose certification has expired. Some of them have two or more expired documents, but my automation seems to only send the first email. (Hopefully that makes sense when you see my screenshot!)



Hi Kirstine,

The condition paths work so it will check one by one, and when one is true, it will not continue. 

It’s possible to configure condition paths which overlap—meaning that similar or the same conditions have been defined for different condition paths. In these situations, Smartsheet evaluates conditions from left to right, and actions will be fired for the leftmost condition path (of which the conditions are met). Smartsheet will not fire all actions for all parallel paths of which conditions are met.

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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Boooooooooooooo. Thanks Andrée. 

Could I add my 'parallel' actions to the bottom of the process? It's designed so that if X has expired, send an email to Y. Could I add another condition under the email action to say that if Z has expired, send an email to A? (I ran out of letters...!)


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Happy to help!

Yes, you can add them to the bottom instead but not seeing the complete picture I can't guarantee it will work for your scenario. It probably will!

Did it work?