Hi Everyone, New to Smartsheet so sorry for the rudimentary question.  I'm having trouble getting automation to do what I want it to.  I have a project sheet with multiple tasks with various due dates.  I'm trying to send reminders prior to the due date.  I do the following:

Trigger:  Run Once: On: Date Field: Due Date: 9:00AM

Condition(1): Where: Due Date is today

Condition(2): AND Where  Complete is not checked.

Alert Someone.


The sheet sends reminders out for all tasks rather than just the one I intend.  What am I doing wrong?





Hey Scott,

I tried this out and it seems to be working for me. I placed a screenshot of my workflow configuration and how I set this up in case it might be helpful for you to see how I've set up the recurrence pattern and conditions.

If you continue to have problems though, let us know! We definitely want to get to the bottom of this and make it work for you.


Scott Willeke | Smartsheet

Director of Product Management, Automation


I have noticed that in your Trigger, you have selected "Run Once".

Click on the dropdown next to "Run Once", then turn the Trigger to "Custom".

A dialog box will open. Choose "Day" and keep the "1" if you want to be reminded/notified Every Day with a starting date, as shown in the automation rule provided by Scott W.