Dashboard Timeline

Trym Dahl
Trym Dahl
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


Im setting up a project dashboard and i´d like to have some sort of a visualization of the project timeline.  What Ive done is Ive created a report that extracts all the headlines from our activity sheet and that report is then shown as a widget in the dashboard. In the report however, there is a feature that allows my to start the gantt view from todays date while in the dasboard, it seems to by default start from the 1st of january so basically in order to see the visualization of todays activitys, you have to scroll. Is there a way of fixing this?


(Also I´d love to get some input from others if you have some third party apps or such that integrates and can create more imposive live data visualizations than the Smartsheet Gantt!)