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Hi Community,

I am defining the following formula to count how many children cells are blank out of the total number of children cells along with the associated percentage value. In a Team schedule sheet this will count how many time slots are still available.

The cell visualisation would be: 16/25 (64%)

The problem is the second part of the formula.It should count the total number of cells, while the formula below returns only the number of non blank cells.

=COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), "") + "/" + COUNT(CHILDREN()) + " (" + ROUND(COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), "") / COUNT(CHILDREN()) * 100) + "%)"

Can anybody please help with the syntax?

Additionally, if possible, I would add in the formula the word "available" to have this final visualisation: Available 16/25 (64%)

Many thanks for taking time and help me with this enquiry.

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