Can't seem to get vlookup to work

I have a master sheet and a secondary sheet. In the master sheet I put in all my data such as the “Name of the Project” and “Asset Type”. This master sheet is already pretty complex and has too many columns already.

In the secondary sheet I want to keep track of a different set of data related to these projects but some of the columns are repeating, such as the “Asset Type”. I would like this “Asset Type” automatically be filled in from the main sheet based on the name of the project.

I tried vlookup but somehow I can’t get this formula to work. The issue might be that neither one of these columns are in the first space and that seems to be a requirement for vlookup.

Any suggestions how I can automatically fill in my “Asset Type” cells in the secondary sheet? is there a workaround with vlookup where i don't need the columns be in the first column space or is there a different formula that would do the same?

Thanks in advance!




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