How to link same type of multiple data on a single row from one Sheet to another.


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I have two Smartsheets that I want to link and get some data.

Smartsheet 1 has the person's name (and some other info) and Smartsheet 2 has their certificate data. I'll add a Cert column on Smartsheet 1, to link the cert data from Smartsheet 2, however, some names have more than one certs. How can I link multiple certs in one row (Sheet 1) without repeating the person's name for each certificate?

I appreciate your time!

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  • Ramzi K
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    @Magdalini Finelli

    If your goal is to show all certificates for a person in Sheet 1 from Sheet 2 in one cell in sheet one, you can use JOIN(COLLECT( ...


    Sheet 1 with formula in Certificates column:

    Sheet 2 with multiple certificates per person:

    I hope this help you.



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