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Dear Sir,

We are unable to keep the date format along with the Time.

Example: 12-Oct-2020 12:13 PM

Need your advise.

Thanks and best regards.

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    Dear Thinh,

    I did some workaround to get the approval date and time. At time of each approval level copying the same record to another sheet (As a history table) and take record creation date from history table using Vlookup function.

    Refer below screen shot.

    Formula :

    =IFERROR(LEFT(VLOOKUP([Srl #]@row + 1, {HR Workflow History Range 3}, 2, false), 8) + " " + RIGHT(VLOOKUP([Srl #]@row + 1, {HR Workflow History Range 3}, 2, false), 5), "")

    First Section: Date & Second Section: Time

    I am using above functionality to get Approval date and time.



  • Hi @Syed Abdul Majid,

    As i know, Smartsheet does not yet support date format along with the time for user-generated date collumn (except for system-generated collumn)

    Hope they will consider this issue!

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