Can't seem to clear a filter in a report

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Am I missing something? I created a filter in a report (to filter only to a specific type of clinic on my list of healthcare clients). I was NOT able to clear it when done. I had to remedy by making a NEW filter that simply said show me everything if the field is NOT blank. Is this a known issue or is there a button I am not seeing?


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    Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share the sheet(s)/copies of the sheet(s) or some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help. (share too, [email protected])

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  • I created a summary report that aggregates our projects. We work with different types of clinics (gastroenterology, oncology, ophthalmology and rheumatology). We have status meetings with different teams based on which clinic type we are discussing. Therefore I created a quick filter where the argument is "clinic type" column "is equal to" and the "Rheumatology". Now this works BUT when I go to clear the filter at the end of the meeting to bring back al; active projects, there is no option to CLEAR FILTERS such as you would have in Excel. Not even UNDO worked. I had to triage by creating a filter where the argument was "clinic type" is "not blank" in order to restore my projects. How can I simply "clear" my filter? Thank you

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