How to reduce Excel spreadsheet to 400 max. columns

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How to reduce Excel spreadsheet to 400 max. columns which is the limit for importing the sheet into Smartsheet?


  • Jason DuryeaJason Duryea ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not sure there is an answer other than you’ll have to decide which columns of data are important enough to keep and delete the rest. If any columns are calculated, they could be removed from the spreadsheet and added to the Sheet after import.

    Depending on how many rows you have, it may be time to start considering using a real database. Even Sheets have limits on the number of rows and columns you can have, before another Sheet is required.

    Sheet limitations 

    Intake Sheet

    If your Intake Sheet has reached the general sheet limitations, you won’t be able to create more projects. These limitations are:

    • 20,000 rows
    • 400 columns
    • 500,000 cells (in any combination of rows and columns)
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