Saving default colours for dashboard widget graphs

I have a dashboard widget that displays a pie chart.

The pie chart shows the number of high, medium and low priority "issues" recorded in a sheet.

I have built this into a workspace which I copy to use on various projects - sort of a template set equivalent.

Is it possible to "pre configure" the graph to use specific colours for each data type? ie, I would like it to show the number of "high" issues in red, "medium" in orange, and "low" in green.

What I find is that despite building the "template workspace" and setting up the pie chart with the right colours, as soon as I clear out the underlying sheet and save it, the dashboard no longer remembers the colour categories, so I have to reconfigure the dashboard.

Is there anything I can do to build my "workspace template" so I don't have to reconfigure the widgets each time? Or is this an enhancement request for the widgets to display data which doesn't yet exist with a particular style?



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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    In the metrics sheet where you are gathering your counts, add 0.00001 then adjust the column's formatting to not show any decimals. It will display as zero, but since there is still technically data there it will act as a sort of placeholder and save your color options.

    =COUNTIFS({Reference Sheet RYG Column}, @cell = "Green") + 0.00001