My Formula is not working? I know it is long but I have been over it a few times.


Can someone look at this formula and tell me where I am going wrong?

=IF(Foreman@row= Rob Delich ,” MI URD Crew 1”,IF(Foreman@row= Daren Sterling ,” MI URD Crew 2”, IF(Foreman@row= Todd Katz ,”MI URD Crew 3”, IF(Foreman@row= Matt Pinkerton ,”MI OH Crew 1”, IF(Foreman@row= Bob Knight ,”MI OH Crew 2”, IF(Foreman@row = Anthony Wright ,” MI OH Crew 3”, IF(Foreman@row= Tanner Lancaster ,” MI OH Crew 4”, IF(Foreman@row = Shawn Parrish ,”MI OH Crew 5”, IF(Foreman@row = Eric Quinn , “MI OH Crew 6”, IF(Foreman@row= Shawn Udics ,”MI OH Crew7”, IF(Foreman@row= Scott Holoman ,”SB OH Crew 1”, IF(Foreman@row= Jason Scoles ,”SB OH Crew 2”, IF(Foreman@row= Tim Lowes , “SB OH Crew 3”, IF(Foreman@row= John Snyder ,”SB OH Crew 4”, IF(Foreman@row= James Cotton ,”SB OH Crew5”, IF(Foreman@row = Cory Campbell ,”FW URD Crew 1”, IF(Foreman@row= Ed Harless ,”FW URD Crew 2”, IF(Foreman@row = Jeremy Hurst ,”FW URD Crew 3”, IF(Foreman@row= Phil Garretson ,” FW URD Crew 4”, IF(Foreman@row= Tim Huffman ,”FW URD Crew 5”, IF(Foreman@row= Marco Juarez ,”FW URD Crew 6”, IF(Foreman@row= Jason Curtis ,”FW OH Crew 1”, IF(Foreman@row= Tim Miller ,” FW OH Crew 2”, IF(Foreman@row= Jeff Stone ,”FW OH Crew 3”, IF(Foreman@row= Jared Cripe ,”FW OH Crew 4”))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Nemo

    This comment the correct syntax that you'll want to use! Any time you reference text it needs to be "in quotes" so that the formula recognizes it as something to either search for or reproduce.

    However, there are two different types of quotes in your formula.

    Look at the ones around "MI URD Crew 1”,

    =IF([Foreman]@row= "Rob Delich" , "MI URD Crew 1”,

    You'll notice that the first one is straight " but the second one is curved ”

    Smartsheet needs the quotes to be the straight type. In your very first formula it looks like all of the quotes are curved... like you had perhaps written the formula somewhere else then copy/pasted it into Smartsheet?

    When you adjust the syntax, make sure you're re-typing all of the quotes in Smartsheet as well so that they're the straight type!