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I am trying to pull an average of months employed for current employees in a specific division. My formula is:

=AVERAGE(COLLECT({MonthsEmp}, {TermYear}, "CURRENTLY EMPLOYED", {DivAtTerm}, "ADMIN"))

{MonthsEmp} is a column formula:

=ROUND((IF(ISDATE([Term Date]@row), IF(NETDAYS([Term Date]@row, TODAY()) > 0, NETDAYS([Hire Date]@row, [Term Date]@row)), NETDAYS([Hire Date]@row, TODAY())) / 365) * 12)

{TermYear} is a column formula:

=IF(ISBLANK([Term Date]@row), "Currently Employed", YEAR([Term Date]@row))

{DivAtTerm} is a text/Number column type

I'm getting the #UNPARSEABLE error for the Average(Collect formula and I cannot figure out why. I am still very new to Smartsheet.

Once I get this formula to work, I'll need the same formula but for employees where {TermYear} is not "CURRENTLY EMPLOYED".

I appreciate any help or ideas that anyone can provide!

(Edit to add: My original sheet with the column formulas above works just fine, I do not know if the issue with the Collect formula is due to the fact that the sheet reference is for columns with a column formulas. ?)

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