Community Drafts - manual or automatic save? (Poll Closed)

Genevieve P.
Genevieve P. Employee Admin
edited 09/16/22 in General Announcements

Hi Community,

We've recently received feedback around the draft feature when posting a comment and are always looking for ways to improve the on-platform experience for our community members. Your feedback is important!

Currently, the site will continuously auto-save as you type so that you have a record of your content without needing to think about it, to prevent you from losing your work.

We have the ability to adjust this feature so drafts are only created if you manually select the "Save Draft" button. 

What would you prefer?

Please share your preference and expand on your choice in the comments below. 



Community Drafts - manual or automatic save? (Poll Closed) 22 votes

Auto-Save Draft (current experience)
Matt StofkaAndrée StaråBrandon BergJeff ReismanCleversheetAntonie BoekhoutAaron ManleyMaxwell GriffithNeil WatsonJulie FortneySing CDesireeJonesKleerfyreBharat_AhujaSnaillybobacruz988KvanbeeverStephanie W. 18 votes
Manual Save Draft
Paul NewcomeKelly MoorePorzel HansFrankM 4 votes