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Mr. Chris
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Hello Smartsheet Community!

For the life of me I can't get the Criterion3 to work in my =SUMIFS formula.

This formula works beautifully with Criterion1 and Criterion2:

=SUMIFS([Invoice Amount]:[Invoice Amount], Status:Status, "Approved", [CapEx #]:[CapEx #], [CapEx Number]@row)

I want to use the exact same formula in a new column and add Criterion3:

=SUMIFS([Invoice Amount]:[Invoice Amount], Status:Status, "Approved", [CapEx #]:[CapEx #], [CapEx Number]@row, [QD]:[QD], [Q]:[Q], "Q1 2022")

However this one doesn't work for me I get #INVALID DATA TYPE

and it removes my brackets [ ] from [QD]:[QD], [Q]:[Q]

Thanks so much in advance.. Been staring at this for hours.

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  • Ryan Sides
    Ryan Sides ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hey @Mr. Chris your criteria is missing a match criteria for QD.

    =SUMIFS([Invoice Amount]:[Invoice Amount], Status:Status, "Approved", [CapEx #]:[CapEx #], [CapEx Number]@row, [QD]:[QD], you need to tell it what to match to here, [Q]:[Q], "Q1 2022")

    If you're looking for QD to be blank, use double quotes ""

    =SUMIFS([Invoice Amount]:[Invoice Amount], Status:Status, "Approved", [CapEx #]:[CapEx #], [CapEx Number]@row, [QD]:[QD], "", [Q]:[Q], "Q1 2022")

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