Multiple Counts of Project Type Column but Exclude if Complete from Status Column

Megan Hart
Megan Hart ✭✭
edited 06/02/23 in Formulas and Functions

I'm trying to count in my 'Type' column those labeled as "Business Planning", "HRO", "Operational Transformation", "Analytic Support" and "Strategic Implementation" while EXCLUDING those labeled as "Tasks" and then I want to EXCLUDE those 'Types' that are marked as 'Complete" or "Canceled' and only capture those labeled as "In Progress "NotStarted" "On going" or "On Hold"

I got this far in capturing types: =COUNTIF(Type:Type, HAS(@cell, "HRO")) + COUNTIF(Type:Type, HAS(@cell, "Business Planning")) + COUNTIF(Type:Type, HAS(@cell, "Operational Transformation")) + COUNTIF(Type:Type, HAS(@cell, "Analytic Support")) + COUNTIF(Type:Type, HAS(@cell, "Strategic Implementation"))

But I can't figure out how to now add in the piece of status and excluding those labeled "Complete' or 'Canceled' - Any help please??

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