Formula to change cell based on info from another sheet?

Hi @Paul Newcome, you offered to help find a solution to a problem that was discussed in another thread if I started a new thread and tagged you... so here goes! (Thank you, by the way).

I have a sheet that tracks progress through a workflow. One of the items I'd like to track is if a ID number appears on another sheet. If it does, I'd like to ultimately check a box on the workflow sheet. I've attempted using index match this way (I've never successfully used this type of formula, though I've watched countless videos about it and I just can't seem to figure out how to make this work for my use):

=index(match([the customer ID number on the workflow sheet],[the column that has customer ID numbers on the source sheet], ... then what?

Maybe index match isn't the best formula to use?

All I want is "look for this number on the other sheet in this column, can you find it there? yes or no". It seems fairly simple, but I'm stumped.

Thanks for your help!


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