CONSTRAINTS in the Project Plan

edited 11/29/23 in Smartsheet Basics

Good morning everyone,

I think it is really important to be able to add some constraints to the Project Plan.

At the moment, it is not possible. I have a column "Constraint Type" with the different constraints:

  • As Soon As Possible.
  • As Late As Possible.
  • Finish No Earlier Than.
  • Finish No Later Than.
  • Must Start On.
  • Must Finish On.
  • Start No Earlier Than.
  • Start No Later Than.

The problem is that I can not join this constraint with the "Start Date" and "Finish Date".

In other platforms, this is a basic feature and of course it is very useful.


I have a *Task 2* with a predecessor *Task 1*.


  • Task 2 can not start until Task 1 is finished.
  • Task 2 can not start earlier than 15/01/2024 (Not resources available until this date)

I dont have the option to join the "Start Date" not only with the predecessor, but also with the constraint.

I repeat, is something very necessary to manage projects in a good way.

Adding a lag is not a good solution because:

  • I place predecessor *Task 1* + 5 days, so I have 15/01/2024
  • But then, *Task 1* is delayed 2 days, and I will have 17/01/2024, but still possible to start 15/01/2024

Kind regards!