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Customize the one click down for Card View or Gantt View in Reports

When you double click into a card/ gantt line, would love the ability to only show a sub selection of whatever columns were picked in the report vs someone having access to all that's available from the original sheet. 

Currently when we create reports, we love the clean view of only a few data points in a card view or Gantt view (with some hidden columns) for a higher level reporting for executives/leaders, but then being able to allow people to double click into the card/ gantt line if they need to troubleshoot or want more information as to "why" (perhaps on something in red status). However, our original sheets may have a ton more information than what's needed for a specific audience looking (including hidden column formulas we don't want people really to see) due to using portfolio summary sheets that are being pulled in from various different control center blueprints. This is confusing for the user and leads to perceptions of a complex, not user friendly product especially the higher level executives that we were originally trying to get clean cuts for. It also affects user adoption of the product.

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  • Z Szabo
    Z Szabo ✭✭

    Currently if I have a sheet with 100 columns and I create a report from this sheet with a subset of 20 columns then in grid view I will only see 20 columns in the Report. This is good.

    The problem is when I switch to Card View in the Report and I open (double click) a card. Instead of only showing the 20 columns, it actually lists all 100 columns. Since in this view the columns become attributes listed in rows in the same order as they are in the underlying sheet, it makes it very hard to show the 20 attributes all at once. Scrolling around is not effective, reorganizing the columns in sheet view to make the first 20 my selected 20 is not supportive of its logic of contents. This is quite bad for those preferring a visual view of the 20 important fields instead of the grid view.

    The workaround I have today is to regularly create a custom PDF attachment with "Generate document" that includes the 20 fields so when we status review I can pull it up as a static :( "pseudo card view".

    I request that the Card View in Reports when double-clicked only shows the columns/fields selected for the Report and not all of the ones from the underlying sheet.