Importing from Excel - Can't save


I first created a sheet in Smartsheet called "Distributions". The purpose of this sheet is to list out the tasks needed to complete a quarterly distribution of various funds and taxes.

After opening the blank sheet, I attempted to import a separate Excel spreadsheet that already had the tasks listed & formatted.

Once the information from the spreadsheet was imported, everything looked great in the Smartsheet sheet.

However the "save" button was greyed out on the tool bar and in the "File" dropdown list.

Thinking it was already saved, I closed the Smartsheet sheet. When I went to open the Distribution sheet again, all the information was gone and the sheet was again blank. I tried to reimport several times to no avail.

On a whim, I opened the spreadsheet, highlighted all the fields of concern, right clicked "copy", and was able to paste into the Smarthseet sheet by using ctr=v.

The sheet was able to be saved and all information was retained except for color formatting etc.

Any ideas why I can't save the imported Excel data?