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Adding Calculated 'Report' Column into a Report


we need to make some calculations on summarized data in reports. such as summing up two or more column values or dividing two column's values in each other to get a percentage value from them. Calculation have to be functional not only in data rows but also in summary rows in a report.

My suggestion is to make a calculated column that is similar to pivot calculated area which is enabled in excel sheets in pivot reports.

I think, this will increase productivity of reports and gives more flexibility to users.

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  • OORF
    OORF ✭✭✭

    I like utilizing the row reports, however it would be useful if you could create calculated metrics based off of the summarized data.

  • Sequoia S.

    I was surprised and disappointed that calculated columns are not possible in Smartsheet Reports. It seems to be such a basic function and really should be included.

  • bbb
    bbb ✭✭

    Adding to the several years of community feedback that reports need to have calculated column functionality in order to fully leverage the value of linking multiple data sheets into this artifact type.

    Please and thank you!

  • Suren
    Suren ✭✭

    Reports: Having the ability to add calculated fields to the reports, that can be used in filtering options.

  • Paula Reynolds

    Adding another request that reports need the capability to add sheet summary data or additional calculation/formula columns.

  • Jennifer Kohl

    Wow - spent an entire week (almost 40 hours) gathering all the data from multiple sheets with reports, summaries, etc. . . . to finally get everything in one place and realize, just now, that the reports will not pull calculated results from a sheet?! I am so disappointed that I cannot use Smartsheet to find the average date/time on data sets! I really dislike Excel. . . however, If I keep having to link excel to a dashboard every time the program is incapable, then why not use excel/google sheets?! I am finding it harder and harder to justify the cost of smartsheets when other programs have same capabilities (as templates) and freee! Please SS, do us some justice here 😂

  • Tucci
    Tucci ✭✭

    We would like to request the ability to add equation columns to a report, so we can calculate values based on a subset of the live data. This will eliminate the need for Helper columns and improv overall system bandwidth.

    For Example:

    1. User creates a report.
    2. User adds columns from multiple source data sheets.
    3. User Adds an Equation Column to the report that calculates a value based on two of the columns added.
    4. Live data automatically updates the equation as needed.
    5. Users can view the report and see column equation data without needing a helper column on the source data sheets.

    If needing to save on programming, you could limit the equation to just columns visible on the report.