Extracting Data from Multiple Sets of Brackets IF present


This formula is working great for rows where the criteria fits - but my first problem is: can it be an IF statement so rows that dont have brackets are just blank? I cant seem to make it work?

Second and third problems are, how can I parse the second and third sets of brackets into their separate cells for the same purpose? These are effectively helper cells to draft a document with these details. To be clear my objective is to parse each set of brackets, if present to their perspective columns/cells. This is way over my head! Thanks much!


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    Hey @KaseyK,

    For your first problem, you could definitely use an IF statement at the beginning to ignore cells with no brackets:

    =IF(NOT(FIND("[", Site@row) > 0), "", …..)

    If that's false, then you could have it use your formula you have already typed out.

    For your 2nd problem, is there a specific character length used in the 1st set of brackets? If so, to get the 2nd set of brackets parsed out you could use the 3rd parameter of FIND (start position), to start after the first set of brackets.

    As for the 3rd set, I'm not 100% sure on that.

    Hope this helps!

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