% Complete is Incorrect


In project settings I have dependencies enabled. This auto calculates % complete; however, the. percentage is incorrect.

In my example I have 2 Parent rows, each with 5 tasks. Everything under Parent 1 is complete and everything under Parent 2 is not started. The % complete should be 50%; however it shows 43% complete.

I am able to determine the expected complete using this formula:

=IF(Status@row = "Pending", 0, IFERROR(AVG(CHILDREN()), IF([End Date]@row <= TODAY(), 1, IF([Start Date]@row >= TODAY(), 0, IF([Start Date]@row <= TODAY(), NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]@row, TODAY()), 0) / NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]@row, [End Date]@row)))))

My goal is to compare the % Expected Complete against the (actual) % Complete columns to identify where we have a variance.


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  • MelM18
    MelM18 ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Ha! I was able to figure it out… It takes duration into consideration. Since the Parent 1 Tasks have a duration of 18 days and my Parent 2 Tasks have a duration of 24 days, they are weighted differently.


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