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Reports Error

Hi all I have been using the same report now for a while and never had any issues tll now. I am running a report off a tooling equipment list and I have a date cell that automatically caculates when it is due for re calibration. The report I create is "if the recal date is today, overdue or in the next 28 days". Problem is I can see items that are in the said range but not showing up on the report. Is there any reporting issues with the software at the moment?


The report also said that it has 12 matching rows but only shows 1 on the report.


Please help, thanks Ben


  • Everyone is having problems with reports right now.  They've acknowledged the problem, and are working on it.  No ETA on completion.  Go to "Support" (upper right) and choose "System Status" to see the incident report.

  • Thanks Ken! I think I'll check here for solutions next time now I wasted half a day thinking it was my issue. Thanks again for replying!!!

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 05/06/15
    1. Hi Ben - Ken is correct, there are known issues with reporting right now. I will be updating this thread (Reports using checkboxes) when the issue has been resolved.  If you subscribe to the thread, you will be emailed when there are updates. 


    You can also subscribe to our status page for automatic alerts when there are issues with the app: status.smartsheet.com

  • Note - you can subscribe for automatic alerts as Travis noted, but Smartsheet doesn't always put key functional issues through the automatic alert process.  For example, this ongoing issue with reports is not included.  Their automated process works great when they decide to use it.

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