Is there any way to edit a response to a discussion topic once it has been added to the forum?


Sometimes it's just a niggly typo, but it would be nice to have the option.




I believe the only way to edit a comment in a discussion is if the comment is yours. 

Click the arrow at the top right of your comment or discussion for the option to edit

Ah - fab. I assumed this arrow would expand/hide the comment. Might be worth considering making it more clear that this is what the arrow does.





I would also recommend that you make it more clear what the little arrow does without a hover, for example instead of the little arrow, maybe "Modify".  


Also, maybe I do not understand how this is supposed to work since I have never used it. but I noticed the two options under the arrow are: "Mark as Best Answer" and "Edit comment"  And as noted above, the little arrow only shows up for your own comments to a Smartsheet discussion.  I get "Edit comment" being an option, but I do not understand "Mark as Best Answer" being an option for myself - and only for my comments.  It seems like, intead, if I am the one who initiated the Discussion, then I would be able to designate the "Mark as Best Answer".  Hmm.  Or maybe, I am supposed to quote and/or summarize to create the Best Answer and then mark it as such.  Is that right?