It would be great if there was a way to insert a hyperlink into a cell of a sheet that when clicked would take the user to the row of another sheet. This would be similar to the way one can can click on the Sheet Name for a given row to jump immediately to that row in the given sheet, opening a parent rows to reveal the target row, as applicable.

I envision this being an extension of the right-click "Hyperlink..." feature, except that instead of being an http hyperlink, it would be an smartsheet hyperlink.

Below is a link to video of what I mean, which is a demonstration of clicking on a link in a report and it going directly to a row in a sheet. Instead, this feature would be a sheet to sheet hyperlink.





Thanks for the suggestion, Stan! I will pass this along to our product team. While this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, as noted in this thread, you can use cell linking to link to a cell in another sheet. Once that link is set up, you can use the link to go directly to that cell/row.