i have a checkbox column that registers a check mark when an amount is over $100. The sheet has a form for collecting data. i put in a the formula =IF(Amount20 > 100, 1, 0) in the checkbox cell. Only when data comes in from the form, it puts new data at the bottom of the sheet below the formula. how do i get the formula to apply to the entire column, catching the new data coming from the form?






Hi SHF, Try this:

  1. Enter =IF([email protected] > 100, 1, 0), in the first row.
  2. Then, drag down the bottom right-hand corner to apply it to every row.
  3. Highlight and delete every blank row in the sheet. 
  4. Save your sheet.

Smartsheets will auto-generate blank rows, but when you submit a new form entry the formula should automatically apply to the new entry. 

You're welcome. I hope that helped you out.