I have been using the Dashboard for some time, with various widgets. Today my graph widget show MISSING SOURCE. Yet when I go into edit mode, I see the data, and when I create a new one, and save it, I get the same code. I check others reports from other users, their graphs are working.. What has happened.. I tried on my phone app and the same results, my graphs show an error


Update !!!!when I try to load on Mobile App it state unable to even load the dashboard, but all other files do work OK

My graph widget is giving me a "Missing Source" error message as well.  This is happening on any new report I am generating so that I can create a widget.  I was wondering if there is a lag time in the upload and availability of new reports for dashboard use?

I'm having the same issue.  I created a new dashboard pie chart, on an existing dashboard, and it shows a "missing source" error.  I submitted a ticket, number 03129460.

Thanks everyone for reporting this. There is a known issue (that was recently introduced) where some charts pointing to reports containing contact columns may show a "missing source" error. We're actively working on fixing this and should have it resolved soon. Thanks again, and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

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There is a ticket and they have responded as they are working on the issue...see below:

While looking into your request, we've recently discovered an issue with our Charts system pulling data from reports. We have engaged our development team to look into this issue, and they are working towards a resolution. At this time however, we don't have any estimated time/date of a fix to be released, and your case has been added to our list of effected customers.


This should now be resolved. Please let us know if you see any further issues.



Thank you for the support... all is good again :)