I have a few projects where I need to have different views of the same information. But by doing this does it mess up the Resource View? Will it just put too much allocation towards the same project for instance...or is there a way to isolate each seat's resource view instead of combining all my sheets?


Yes it does.  It treats each new sheet as a new project and any resources assigned directly or by link are counted as seperate assignments.


Use reports to see different views of the same data.  This will not at present give you a Gantt chart but that is comming soon.


See help on reports here: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/522214



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James is right, Reports are excellent for providing different views of the same sheet. 

To avoid "double booking" your resources on the Linked to (Recieving sheet) just untick "Resource management enabled" on that sheet but leave it on the Sending sheet. (Found in the Cog Wheel in the Gantt side). 

Hope that helps?