Hi - I've been reading through the community posts and trying a variety of answers, but nothing I've tried seems to be working so I thought I'd post and ask for help. :) 

I am trying to establish a column that has an answer based on another cell.  My columns: 


Automation Lead


So what I'm trying to create:

IF Dept = Global, then Automation Lead = Global 

IF Dept = Anything else, then Automation Lead = Taylor Freeman 

The Dept column is formatted as a drop down list; the Automation lead column is formatted as a Contact column if that matters. 

Would really appreciate any help. 








Hi Jeannie,

Contact lists will not accept formulas - try changing Automation to a dropdown list.



Do note that you won't be able to build notification emails to be sent off a dropdown list. So as long as your intentions are not to use email functionality, you'll be good. 

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With Smartsheet's new conditional notifications you can setup a notification for a value in a drop down column to email notifications. For instance you can setup a notification for when a row is updated where Automation Lead is Global email susie@smartsheet.com once a day.

Love the new notifications!



@Brandy, yes that is true. You can email specific individuals, but if you were hoping to email someone based on the dropdown formula, you wouldn't be able to do that easily. You would have to set up notification rules for each person in the dropdown. you couldn't use the dropdown column as your recipient of the notification.