A bit stumped on how to prevent loss of pending changes when closing Safari (usually by accident):


-- Multiple windows open in Safari, including a smartsheet


-- Make some changes to the smartsheet, not yet saved


-- Multi-tasking, work in some other windows, accidentally hit Safari red button (which closes all windows, without warning, unlike almost every other browser on the planet, and cannot be configured out of the box to ask first, afaik).


Smartsheet changes are now lost, with no warning (so you may not even realize it) and no recovery  if you do realize it (doh!)...


Is this a problem for anyone else?  Any tips?


Mark, I just tested this in Safari (8.0.6) and I was given a warning when I tried to close the Smartsheet tab without saving (I also received this message when I was on a different tab and tried to close the browser):




Maybe there is a setting somewhere preventing this dialog for you?


You might also consider enabling auto-save in Smartsheet (Account > Personal Settings > Settings) which can be set to save your sheet after a set amount of time of inactivity. 

Travis, Thanks for checking this out. I've looked for a way to configure Safari to warn before... Could not find a way, but will look again. Regards -- Mark