Recently there have been a lot of changes to managing alerts.  They have been very good changes.  However, today I noticed that I did not receive an alert that normally would come to me.  Upon checking I discovered that menus have changed.  There is a new heading called "Automation".  This took me a while to figure out.  I couldn't find where my alerts had gone.  I thought that I had forgotten to set the reminders.  Nope!  I found them.  My question is now that I have set "all shared users to receive the reminders" does this now mean that the software doesn't consider me a shared user, even though I built the sheet and set the reminders?  Do I now need to go back and add myself to receive the reminders?  Please let me know. 








Hi Jerry,

Everything that was already set up should not be affected.

Hope that helps!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

You could also go into your Personal Settings --> Notifications, and ensure the box is checked to "Include my changes in sheet notifications".