We have a Smartsheet database of over 2700 names. Other than unchecking each name once the map starts populating, is there a way to refine the search to a particular name, state, etc?


@Loann - during the map configuration you have an option to pick a "group by" column.  So, you can group by state which will color code your locations, with a different color for each state.

If you are looking for a specific location, searching for one location out of 2700 on a map is going to be tough.  Our map app today doesn't provide an easy way to do this.  So, if you absolutely need to find one, I would pre-filter your list prior mapping it - you can create a new sheet with a subset of your names and only then map it.


Love the filter idea - especially since our address info is currently stored in one cell as it was imported from an existing spreadsheet. Now to find a volunteer to manually go through and break out the addresses...

Perhaps I'm missing a step. I applied the filter and garnered 100 results. I then saved my sheet and went to the Maps app. However, it populated all of the address in our database, not just the filter addresses.


A workaround is that I've since created a report that includes just those addresses with the state I need to map. 

Loann - my fault, I skipped a step.  Pre-filtering by itself won't get honored by the maps app.  You would need to take an extra step and copy those pre-filtered rows into a new sheet.

The report approach will work but only as long as you have fewer than 100 items.  This is because the maps app displayes only the first 100 rows of a report (for technical reasons).

I know it's a pain, but given your large data set, the only reliable way to zoom in on a small subset today is to filter it and save it to a different sheet.

Thanks for the clarification - worked like a charm!