I regularly have 10 sheets open that I'm working on at any given time need to QUICKLY switch back and forth and clicking the ... and clicking to the sheet there takes an extra couple of seconds that adds up when you do it 100 times per day.  I'd like to request an enhancement to have multiple "rows" of tabs, instead of a single row. The 2 rows of active sheets would just be "stacked" and you'd just click there to the one you want to bring into focus. 


I kind of like the menu list of sheets that you get when clicking the ... so maybe if this list was always available?


I  make use of the Favorites function for this. Same extra clicks as the (...) tab, but easier to navigate.



Thanks Dawn, I will submit your request!


You might consider opening up your sheets in different browser tabs. This will allow you to have as many sheets as you would like open and switch instantly between them.