Is there a way in CardView to show the Parent / Child relationship?  For example, If in Grid view, row 6 is the Parent of rows 7, 8 9, and 10.  In CardView can the card equating to row 6 be left justified and cards 7, 8, 9 and 10 be slightly indented to the right. Further in CardVirew being able to collapes rows 7,8,9,and 10 to just see row 6 and then re-expand them all visable again.




Quick answer: No.


...but this is a great idea. There is potential to do a variety of things around hierachy in the card view - would be great to see the Smartsheet Team exploring this.

Love the idea! We have had a number of discussions around this concept. Could you elaborate on how you expect it to work? Do you want the indented cards to move with the parent? Always? 


We have been talking about enabling two modes in card view.   "All Cards" which is what we have today, or,  "Level X + Immediate Children" e.g. all level 2 rows as cards with level 3 cards collapsed under (hide level 1 and greater than 3). 


Would you think of this feature as a "Filter?" or a card view setting? The benefit of a filter is that you could leverage the same feature in the grid as well, but maybe that isn't as important, and having to create a filter is not as intuitive. The other benefit of a filter is that you could save differnt versions and easily toggle. "Features and Epics" or "User Stories and Tasks" for example. 


Thanks for the feedback!



The devil is truly in the details. 

In our usage discussions we see the indented (children) cards to move only with the Parent.  Meaning we move the Parent and always all of it's children move to the same column. 


I love the concept stated in your paragraph 2.  Collapsed until expanded (immediate children only with the level X that is chosen.


A CardView setting would be easier but I agree it limits the capability that a filter provides like "Major Milestones and Tasks" or "Deliverables and Work Package".


I am glad to hear that this has been a topic of discussion. I spoke with Luca this morning and he was going to move it forward. 

+1 vote for this - parent/child in card view would be so helpful! 

In a scenario where the parents are hidden via filter it would be nice to be able to view the parent description or unique id in the card view and in the record it self.  For example:


Consider Feature/Parent "a" and "b" that are large requests that need to be broken up into smaller parts. 

Child Story 1, 2, 3, ..., x are created to accomplish each Feature/Parent.  These children stories would move independently through the status columns for us.

When your team is working via card view and are viewing all stories it would be nice to have the context to the feature right from card view.  Say something like a.1, a.2, b.1, b.2, b.3, etc.  Maybe even the ability to see the description of "a" and "b" on the child cards. 

This would allow someone to see in the done column that a.1, b.1 and b.2 are completed while a.2 is "in progress" while b.3 is in review (or another stage).  It would give a quick view that a is still being worked and be is close to done after b.3 is completed.

When viewing features in the board, I am not quite sure of the use case.  I think I would avoid features in this view as I want the team to see what they are working on from a smaller bits perspective (but would certainly report on the feature and progress).

I'd love this feature, any update on it coming through?

I'd like to use the card view to organise my parent tasks, and it would be very nice to be able to quickly see what the children tasks are as I do so, either through tabulated cards, or just an expandable menu on the parent card.

We are working on this! Hoping to get something out early fall. Our current approach adds a new "expanded card" mode that shows the field labels and a list of the children. Double clicking on a child opens the edit form for the child. Users can also choose to see a particular level of the hierarchy. For example if you parent rows are Features or Epics, your level 2 are user stories and your level 3 are tasks you can choose to just show User stories with tasks appearing as children. Check out the screen shot! 

Love it - great concept. If you need anyone to test these new features out in day-to-day management let me know.

Sounds like things are moving forward. My question is there any way of including the Parent name in each child task while in card view?  The use case is that you could have the same task description for 2 different parent work groups and it's hard to manage each task if it's not readily known what parent the child card is associated with.

If this functionality already exists I would love to know how to access it.


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This will be visible as part of all cards when we ship support for the Hierarchy. The parent task name will appear at the top of the card in small text above the card name. 

This functionality is optional today, you can add the parent card name under the fields dialog. However after this update it will no longer be optional, it will be always on.

The word "website" in the image below is the parent card/row.

For everyone following this thread, we shipped support for the hierarchy tonight. Now you can create sub tasks under cards and filter the view by a specific level of the hierarchy.

Awesome - this is going to be super useful.

Thank you!

So, I know this is really picky less than 12 hours after the feature's release, but it would be great to be able to sort the subtasks under a card by dragging and dropping just like you can do with cards in a lane.

Also, the filter options don't seem to work for me. When I open a card view sheet with subtasks, and click "show all levels" it only shows me the top level, and I have to click on the icon under a task to see sub tasks.

...also (!): It would be great if new subtasks created under a card inherit the "lane" property of their parent. Currently when I add new subtasks they all go into the "uncategorised" lane.

...and (!!): It would be lovely if we could drag and drop a card to make it a sub-task for another card, or vise versa - i.e. drag and drop a sub-task to move it to the level above.

[...sound of whip cracking...]

Love how it works otherwise - really clean interface and filter options.


Really love that you made this!

It would also be great if the subtasks automatically inherited the parents labels.

Now it seems to me that I have to go into Grid view and define parents() in label column.