Hi everyone,

We're currently trying to create a system that accepts form entries with attachments and stores those attachments in their own folder as soon as they are submitted. Preferrably, we would like this folder to update in real time and remove any attachments that are replaced when the same user uploads a different file on the same form, but we're taking baby steps here. Is there any way to accomplish this? The API looks a bit like it might hold my solution but I'm not entirely sure how to use it. Thanks!



Hi Jack,

How would you use it? There might be another solution.

Can you describe your process in more detail That would make it easier to help?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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Essentially, this is how we want the process to go:


1. User submits an attachment via the form we've created.

2. The form responses and attachment are sent to the smartsheet spreadsheet, as designed.

3. JUST the attachment from the form is sent to a separate external folder (be it google drive or a smartsheet folder) that is updated in real time. Essentially this folder is linked to the spreadsheet.

4. Whenever a user edits their form response, the original file is deleted and the newly uploaded file replaces it.


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Unfortunately, It doesn't seem like it would work with Zapier. The two solutions I can see now would be to either use the API or a third-party form service.

Would that work?