I have this formula in a checkbox =IF(Date1 > [Stop Date]1, 0, 1) Stop date is a date field with =TODAY() - 15 and Date is any given date. The idea is to check items where Date is in the last two weeks other wise don't check it. It does not work. If I enter a date newer than TODAY()-15 ir unchecks. If the date is older it checks. If blank if checks (this I want). What am I missing?



Hello, could you explain you're desired results one more time? Your formula seems to be working (see my screenshot). If the date is greater than Today - 15 (which today = 5/1/18.) then I am seeing a check. Isn't that the result that you want? So if a project is past-due or coming due in the next 15 days, it will check it off? 

OR are you wanting different results? 

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What I need is all open items (no date) and any item closed in the last two weeks to "check" the box. Items closed (with a date) and older than two weeks need to not "check" the box. Currently that is not what is happening. I attached a screen shot. No dates are checking as desired. dates after 5/1/18 (based on today) are unchecked and dates before 5/1/18 are checked.

Try this one. I put a restriction that the date has to be greater than 15 weeks ago and less than or equal to Today. 

 =IF(AND(Date1 > TODAY(-15), Date1 <= TODAY()), 1, 0)

Does that do the job? 

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I finally figured it out. I was mistaken on how the blanks where being handled.

=IF(ISBLANK(Date1), 1, IF(Date1 > TODAY(-15), 1, 0))

this gives me the result I need.  Thanks for your help as it pushed me in the right direction.




Glad I could help... But isn't your checkmark applying to everything that has a date that is greater than today-15? Including dates in the future? 

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Thats what I am looking for. Blank dates are incomplete but our list needs to show what is incomplete plus what ever was completed in the last two weeks. The older ones can drop off.

Ah okay! Great. Glad its working.