We leverage reports to an extremely high degree to avoid data losses in a massive sheet we use company-wide. One of the things we would really love to be able to do is send a row, and send an update request from within a report. This would save us time, and keep our users off of the main sheet, which is always a good thing.


As extra credit, wouldn't it be a neat to have these options when sending a row?

1. Send the row with just the columns appearing in the report

2. Send the row with just the columns appearing in the sheet (as some may be hidden from both the sheet and the report)

3. Send the row with all of the columns in the sheet, hidden or not


I have submitted this as an enhancement request, but was curious what the community thought of an idea like this.



John - 

Have you been listening in on the product management meetings @ Smartsheet?

Love the ideas.

Oh, and on the good news front, the team is actively developing the ability to choose the columns on update request and send row actions.  And more good news...the update requests will soon be served up as forms, allowing people to respond on mobile devices.

The ability to initiate send row and update requests from reports is also on the list of 'desired' for the release.

Shooting for July/August for it to be released.

Best Regards,



Hi Mark, 


While I haven't been in on the product management meetings, you can bet I'd love to be there Wink.


I'm glad to hear that those enhancements are in the works. We love this tool, and it really has improved the way our organization works together.


The feature enhancements we have seen in the past 7 months have dramatically changed the way we use Smartsheet for the better. Thanks for continuing to improve on this invaluable tool.






Yes I agree with you and Mark good to see you are ahead of the game on this one. I would however like to see some of the smaller possibly less glameraouse things happening:

  • Find
  • Find and replace
  • Discription Property on Column Names as a screen Tip  (Allows for shorter more consise naming)
  • Collapse and Expand buttons on Menu (Yes its on the Primary Column Menu)
  • etc

This feature has been implemented in a very nice way. We are using the hell out of it, already. Also, with this release, we are leveraging the unique way gantt charts were implemented to do some unlikely, and very awesome visuals of baselines. Thanks for the brilliant work.