Im working on a scrum dashboard and want to show the actual sprint name.

The Sprint Name (e.g. Sprint 01, Sprint 02...) is in the primary column at Level 2 (task at Level 3 and Release at Level 1). I have a column with the status ("Do", "Doing", "Done") and only one Sprint can be in the "Doing" status.

On my metrics sheet I can to calculate a cell which give me the name of the sprint which is in Diong and later on the dashboard I will use this cell to show the text "Sprint 01".


Any thoughts?







I suggest an INDEX/MATCH. It works provides the same results as a VLOOKUP but is much more flexible. Try something along these lines...


=INDEX({Main Sheet Primary Column}, MATCH("Doing", {Main Sheet Status Column}, 0))

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Hi Paul,


that looks good. The only thing i  need to consider that I only want the results on level 2 (Sprint 01) . In the moment I get the result of Level 1 (Release 01) which is the parent of Sprint 01.

Can I add a second Match()?