I get an #UNPARESABLE error message for a vlookup I am trying to create to a separate file in SmartSheet, I suspect there is a problem in the syntax. I've tried multiple tweaks to this formula with no success.

As a check I exported the SmartSheet and the external file to Excel and had no problem successfully creating a vlookup there.  Can anyone see what the error is in my vlookup syntax?

SmartSheet formula

=VLOOKUP(Name11:Name13, {PSF Range}),6,true)

Name is the column with the search value

PSF Range is a named range in a different SmartSheet file which contains the lookup table.

Excel formula

=VLOOKUP(A12:A34,'C:\Users\warrenc2\Documents\[Copy of Export_psfeesV1.xlsx]2019 Forecast by Quarter'!$A:$F,6,TRUE)

"Copy of Export_psfeesv1" is the separate sheet with the  lookup table





The first thing I notice is that you are using a range for a search value instead of something specific. The second thing would be an extra closing parenthesis after your cross sheet reference.

Thanks Paul. I removed the extra closing parenthesis and made the search value a specific reference e.g. "Name 11".  This returned a "No Match" although the search value is "Cook" and I validated the same name is in the lookup sheet. I changed the match type to False and it works now.

Using "TRUE" for the match type requires an exact match. If your search value is "Cook"


but "cook", "COOK", "John Cook", or any other variation that is not an exact match will return a NO MATCH error.