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  • CALENDAR APP/Dashboard current user view
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    I have 2 things I am trying to resolve. I have about 100 external partners who need to see current status of a submission. so Far i am able to display that info in Dynamic View. But I can seem to get the Calander App and Dashboard Widge…
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  • Including Half Day Holiday to Timeline Nonworking Day
    In Using Smartsheet
    Is there a way to add half days as a holiday in a timeline (nonworking days)? EX: We are having a half day on Friday and Monday off for Memorial Day. I was hoping to find a way to include in this in the timeline (nonworking days)? https:/…
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  • Sync Smartsheet Calendar with Outlook Calendar
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    Hi, I am looking for the latest and greatest training information regarding how to sync your SmartSheet calendar with your outlook calendar. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thank you, Allison Bishop
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  • Publish report to Outlook calendar?
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    I have a report that pulls data from several sheets. I would like to sync that report to Outlook. Is that possible? I have successfully synced a sheet, but it hasn't worked for a report. If I publish the report I don't see an option to…
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  • Adding a report to a dashboard with a "Calendar" view vs "Grid" view
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    Hi - I'm trying to add a "Team Vacation Planner" to a Dashboard with a "Calendar" view vs a "Grid" view. No matter what I do, I still get the report in the "Grid" view. Any ideas?? Thanks in advanc…
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  • How do you move a row from one month group to another?
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    I am using a 12-month calendar template. I have content in one row for May, but need to move it to June. I know I can copy and past but this leaves behind the comments, files, and proofs. I have tried sorting in various ways and it does no…
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  • Displaying Payments on a date with Calendar view ?
    In Formulas and Functions
    I have 4 columns with Payment and 4 with date I want to associate these payments on a calendar. Like this is going to be my format.
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  • Calender View
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    Hey smartsheet community, I have a question regarding the calendar view or maybe calendar app: Is there a possibility to show more than just one date or range. I know the following setting but I want to display more than just the "Tr…
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  • Displaying multiple "dates" in calendar view from same row
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    Good morning, I have date columns created for the 5 milestone dates that each task/row can be assigned. Is there anyway to get all Milestone dates (date columns) to display in the calendar view.  I have set up color codes to help determine…
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  • how can i sync dates in a column with formula?
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hello, below, I will explain to you the calculation of the termination notice period before the expiry of a contract and the sending of the reminder e-mail to the responsible person according to this notice period; 1- In the first step, I …
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