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  • Sync Smartsheet Calendar with Outlook Calendar
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    Hi, I am looking for the latest and greatest training information regarding how to sync your SmartSheet calendar with your outlook calendar. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thank you, Allison Bishop
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  • Problem with dates: day becames month and month becames day.
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi. I am facing the following problem with date formats. In my source sheet, I have the following date: 04/12/20, which stands for 04/December/2020. An automation copies that value to another sheet, but in that sheet it appears as 12/04/2…
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  • Combined Calendar Report - Can I Automate Labels?
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    Hello! I am a Project Manager trying to redesign how my company uses Smartsheet internally, and I'm hoping to use Smartsheet to replace several other tools we currently use. My current goal is to create a Dashboard where an individual on …
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  • Weather icon on calendar view
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    I have been using smartsheet for several years, and I would love to see on calendar view a weather icon for, al least, one week. Just like Microsoft Calendar. My projects depends on weather, so its pretty important knowing the forecast. …
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  • Formatting in Calendar App
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    When using bullet points in Calendar app, is there a way to break the line so that each bullet point would show in separate lines. At the moment, all content displays without line breaks in the Calendar App.
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  • All Projects Overview/Scheduling
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    I am looking for suggestions and what other users utilize for an overview of all current projects within Smartsheet to prioritize and schedule. A summary report with a Gantt chart is just not sufficient enough to see how things are going w…
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  • VLOOKUP Reference Vacation Calendar to Update Approver via Automated Workflow
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, I have an employee Vacation Planner sheet with a status column/formula that indicates whether an individual is currently on "PTO" based on today's date and whether it falls in the range of their vacation's start and end date.…
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  • Calendar View Order
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    Hopefully an easy question...I'm just getting started using smartsheet.  Can someone tell me how calendar view determines the order of items within the calendar - i.e. what is listed on top of a certain date, what's below that and so on. …
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  • Calendar App - Details view of multi-select fields
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    Hello! On Calendar App, I'm having an issue with multi-select fields not showing up on the details view when multiple items are selected. However, when only 1 of the multi-select options is chosen, it does appear on the details view. See s…
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  • Calendar app filter
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    Hi there, I create a data sheet that connect to calendar app. I have a column with checkbox. is there a way that if I check the box in that column the data on that role will show in calendar app thanks, Jess
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