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Start and end times on calendar app and calendar view


Ask: Allow start and end TIMES on the Calendar app and Calendar view to help with scheduling (not just start and end dates)

Reason: Our team host and manages a bunch of events, some that span multiple days, but many that are single-day or multi-hour events(both online or in-person events.) We use SS to intake all the requests, manage the assets needed for each event and to assign people to the various projects, Currently, we have to use a separate calendar to track the start and end times of these events on the calendar to see who is scheduled when. Many of these events overlap and it is helpful to know who is scheduled when. We would love to have this all available in SS rather than using multiple programs to manage this however, SS only allows for start and end dates but not Times during the day. We'd love the option of having this kind of in-depth view to help with scheduling, less work on our end and less programs to use. It would be even better if this could also integrate with other calendars like Outlook, google, sharepoint etc so we can share with other Depts outside our team who need access to our availability

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  • Beck

    I've just started using Smartsheet and I couldn't agree more.

    I'm currently still using different software for hourly breakdowns.

  • icef

    Agreed with this. I have to use a separate sheet currently to track.

    Also, I have start and end times available in my master sheet that the calendar generates from and can edit the times in that sheet however I cannot edit the times in the calendar app view when I select a specific event to edit/change/create. I'd love the ability to do this as well.