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  • 30 day reminder
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    How can i customize a reminder to go further out than the 14 day limit currently shown?
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  • Method for planning repeated tasks?
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    Hi there, I'm wondering whether there is a current method - or planned feature - that will enable users to easily create recurring tasks? I envision this either occuring as multiple dates within a single task (preferably) or by having a se…
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  • Subcontractor needs help
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    I'm brand new to smartsheet and I'm trying to figure out how to best structure my sheets for managing multiple projects.  We're a construction subcontractor with 50-60 different projects in process at any given time - new ones added nearly…
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  • Assigning Colors to Contacts
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    I use the gantt charts and calendars to make sure my contractors are not in two places at once.  Is there a way to color code each contractor so when I assign a task, it automatically shows in gantt and calendar view as the color assigned …
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  • Updated cells automatically highting in Pink
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    Is there anyway to stop updated cells being highlighted in pink for 1 hour after they have been updated?  THe reason being is because whilst it is pink it is not possible to update the cell colour to anything else which is fustrating.   …
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  • Conditional Forwarding from Web Forms
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    Hi folks - our business has been using Smartsheet for around 2 years now, but we really haven't taken advantage of some of the more powerful aspects of the software.   I'm learning about forms and their uses, and I've come across a chall…
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  • Formula's for [Start Date] column when dependencies are enabled
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    Hi,   I am currently trying out Smartsheet in order to decide if we will be able to use this at our company or not.   I'm using the construction timeline with gant chart template. I would like to add project management fee payment dat…
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  • See summarized duration/ % for header tasks
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    I have created a master sheet that links all my project gantt charts. Unfortunately I cannot see the summerized totals - is this available as an automatic function?  I've been manually typing it in, but I'll have a lot of projects so thi…
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  • Smart Sheet Real Time Timer
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    I am looking to see if a timer function can be added to log accumulated hours and minutes on a specific task your working on real time, for aiding invoicing, and/or assessing daily/weekly productivity over a range of tasks.  Alternatively …
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  • Travel approval workflow
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    I am looking to make a workflow for travel approval . As the request form should be accessible for all employees I would like to use a webform. Approval shall be done by the Project Manager if travel is project related or the respective …
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