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Setting Up sheets to run multiple businesses

Viking Dude
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi I have 3 businesses that demand different work flows and I am having trouble getting my head around the best practice for how I should set up these sheets.


Should I use one sheet to manage contact information for the 3 businesses and what is the best practice to link contacts to Quotes or jobs on other sheets ?

Comon sheets will be 
Contact info


Social media and Referals

News letter optin and out 



  • Insulation Company - Site details, Product and price lists, Sales staff quoteing status, Quote details for each contact, Job complete detatils, Other recomendations, Roof condition, Jobs assigned to what truck and staff,  Risk assesment sheets, Roof condition reports, Upsell products.


  • Online tyre business
  • Inventory and Price list, Online orders, Future Reminders, 
  • Property development company

Contacts to sell and buy sites, Site details, Fesso's, Contract terms, Project managment, Work flow managment, Sales.


I gess the real problem is that I do not know how I track each sheet or metric to one contact of to one job?  - I know I can link cell data but how do I link all the information in one row in a sheet to a row in another sheet?





PS is their anyone who has got ideas on setting up a trade business like this with in home sales?



  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Viking Dude,


    I sometimes work with Richard Rymill at Smarter Business Processes (richardr@smarterbusinessprocesses.com).

    I'm in the USA (mostly), he is in UK, so we can find a time convenient for you.

    He offers a 1 hour free consultation if you are interested in hiring someone to get you up and running.


    I'm at jcwill23@gmail.com



  • Bob Andrews
    Bob Andrews ✭✭
    edited 03/15/16

    There are a few things here, I can help with some of it.


    For contacts, use the My Smartsheet Contacts feature. This will keep all your contacts in one place and will allow you to assign tasks/rows/deals/etc to them across your sheets. This means, in any sheet's Contact List column, you will just need to start typing their name and Smartsheet will auto resolve their info. Keep in mind this only tracks name and email address.


    If you want additional contact info, I would use a sheet and keep everything in one place. Check out the template: Client Contact List. You could add a column with the related business name, so you can filter to see all contacts from business 1 or business 2. 


    As far as tracking tasks, I would keep business tasks separate from other businesses. You could always use reports to compile tasks across your sheets. 

  • Viking Dude

    Thank you for your comments 


    I was just concerned that using the contacts in smartsheet would mean that it will be hard to keep customers separate from staff and other contacts and many people have the same name or similar names.


    I think reports might be my missing link to understand how to link contacts to job information.





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