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  • Export contacts to Mail Chimp or Google
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    Can someone guide me to export my Smart Sheet contacts to mail chimp for a campaign?   Thank you. Ben 
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  • Auto Date updating a published report of Events List
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    We have an a Smartsheet of Events - tradeshows etc that we will be participating in.  While initially developed for internal sharing, I have added a "publish" checkmark column, with those items checked being part of a Report, whi…
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  • How to send a notification to a selected recipient
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    How do I get SS to send a notification to a contact whose name has just been selected from the list and entered in a webform?  Like, when column [supervisor] is set with a particular name, please notify [selected supervisor] of this chang…
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  • More A-Z Sort options.
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    Is it possible to add more sorting options. right now we only have three drop down bars, I need four. How can I add more?
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  • statistics on multi projetcs
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    Hello,   I am working on many project and my boss want me to say which task is finish in advance, in time or late compare to the initial date calculated. ex: when the project is finished we want to know which tasks are good and which a…
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  • Property Management templates
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    Smartsheet kindly has given us a couple of templates. I am looking for more ! . We are an insurance supplier and our Property Management firms are smaller than the superb case studies here. Of course, the templates can become simple ( but…
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  • Can you add a VAT field in a smartsheet?
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    I want to add a field that automatically works out the VAT in a seperate field so i can calculate how much VAT we pay on services. Is this possible?   I have tried to add a formula e.g =SUM(amount)*20% and also +=SUM(amount)*0.2 Neither…
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  • Editing Radio Buttons
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    Does anyone know of a way to edit a radio button list after the inital list is created and added to a web form? We have a product list that we'd like to edit periodically without having to create an entire list each time.   Thanks
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  • exact match formula in Smartsheet
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    Hi, has anyone had any luck using an exact match formula is Smartsheet? I have two columns that have text in them. I want the 3rd column to tell me if column 1 and 2 are an exact match or not. I know how to do it in excel =Exact(A1:B1) bu…
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  • Day of the week formulas
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    How do I schedule repeating appointments on a specific day of the week; Ex: Every Mon at 10:00 First Tue of the Month at 09:00 I did not see the day of the week variable or formula. Thanks Alan Guggenheim
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