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  • Day of the week formulas
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    How do I schedule repeating appointments on a specific day of the week; Ex: Every Mon at 10:00 First Tue of the Month at 09:00 I did not see the day of the week variable or formula. Thanks Alan Guggenheim
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  • Is there a way to merge sheets into one calendar view?
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    Is there a way to merge sheets together to show scheduling impacts in calendar view? I'd especially like to keep the coloration of each sheet to quickly identify projects. Anyone know if this can be done and how?
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  • Multiple start/end dates (sub dates)
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    Hi there - I am making a media calendar using a basic project template. In one my media channels (eg: radio campaign), I will be on air for a total of 6 months, however only the days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of each week. A repeating eve…
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  • Managing Deadlines for Marketing Department
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    Our marketing department handles the event marketing and promotions for a company that puts on 14 road races. Each race's deadlines over lap with the other race's deadlines. Is there a way to see all the tasks from multiple sheets on one s…
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